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7 Minutes to Understand the Guillotine Shear Blades
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7 Minutes to Understand the Guillotine Shear Blades

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NJJF is a top 10 shear blades manufacturer in China, producing custom and standard size guillotine shear blades for a broad range of uses and materials. Also known as cut-off knives, guillotine knives cut material in a swing-style or guillotine cut-off operation. Our custom guillotine knives feature tooth profiles and materials tailored to your application. We develop blades for various machine models and will partner with you to find the right solution for your operation.

guillotine shear blade

The material of guillotine shear blades

We develop our custom guillotine shear blades using top-quality materials meant for reliability. Choose from options such as:

Inlaid carbon steel

Manufactured by brazing a hardened, carbon steel alloy strip, HRC* 62-63, to a softer body of steel. This grade of paper guillotine blade is suitable for lower production cutting applications, cutting smaller lifts of paper where there are fewer quality issues.


Manufactured and through-hardened material of High Carbon High Chrome (12% Chromium), classified as D-2 steel, HRC* 58-60. Typically used but limited to shorter length 3 knife trimmers knives such as for lower sides and lower front knives and small non-production paper cutting blades. It has good wear characteristics & impact resistance which make it suitable for small trimmers.

Inlaid high-speed steel

Manufactured by brazing an 18% tungsten alloy hardened strip, HRC*62-63 to a softer body of steel. This grade of paper cutting machine knife will improve blade life while maintaining the desired cut for longer production time. Most popular paper cutter manufacturers supply this grade of paper guillotine blade with their machines. Inlaid HSS also makes a perfect upgrade over Inlaid Carbon Steel when frequent blade changes (resulting in additional downtime) become too costly.

Inlaid tungsten carbide

Manufactured by brazing a carbide grade hardened strip, MG 28 (Jorson & Carlson’s standard) HRC* 91.1 to a softer body of steel. MG 28 carbide quality of paper cutter blades will improve blade life by as much as ten times more than a carbon steel blade while maintaining the desired cut quality. MG 28 is suitable for companies with high production cutting applications needing uniform quality cuts and for high-speed perfect binding, stitching machines, and precise label manufacturers. Our Inlaid MG 28 Tungsten Carbide is the perfect upgrade from Inlaid HSS when frequent blade changes (resulting in additional downtime) become too costly.


Multiple industries use guillotine shear blade for processing and manufacturing. Guillotine blades suit a wide range of applications, including:

Food slicing and meat cutting

Our guillotine shear blades can cut many food products, including meat and produce. They retain their cutting edge for repeated use in food processing.

Film and foil cutting

Precision guillotine knives can cut delicate materials with ease. Manufacturing and packaging companies use our guillotine blades for working with foil and film.

Converting, rubber and plastics

A guillotine shear blade can also handle synthetic materials and rubber. Our durable edges hold up during the converting process and the manufacturing of plastics.

Cutting paper and cardboard

We also design paper guillotine blade for paper and cardboard manufacturing. Our knives can have a precision edge for cutting paper or durable engineering for repeated cardboard cutting.

The guillotine shear blades may also serve as the best fit for another application you have in mind. You may request a free consultation with our engineers to learn if you could benefit from using a guillotine shear blade.

paper cutting blades

The caution of using guillotine shear blades

The manufacturers all know that the blade is an important part of the mechanical equipment. A good quality blade can bring effective work efficiency and can quickly complete the production requirements. For new employees or some other purchasers, they may not know what should be paid attention to in using the guillotine blades.

(1) When the paper cutting machine knife is not used, it should be hung vertically on a dry shelf. The blade cannot be laid flat, which will cause the blade to be deformed.

(2) The sawtooth of the mechanical shearing machine blade is extremely hard and sharp, and it is forbidden to collide or fall to the ground. It must be handled gently.

(3) Protective cover, working gloves, safety helmet, safety shoes, and protective glasses must be worn during operation.

(4) When installing the blade, it is necessary to check whether there are cracks, distortions, leveling, tooth dropping, and other phenomena in the paper cutter blades before the installation.

(5) When in use, do not exceed the specified maximum speed.

(6) Pre-rotation before use: after the new guillotine shear blade is replaced, the machine should be pre-rotated for one minute before use, so that the machine can be cut when it enters the working state.

Nanjing Jingfeng Knife Manufacturing CO., Ltd. is a professional shear blades manufacturer, providing high-quality and high accurate guillotine shear blades and metal shear blades. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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