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Packaging Blades
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Packaging Blades

Packaging blades are made of 9CrSi, SKD-11, SKH-51, and hard alloy steel, etc. Packaging machine blades for the food packaging industry are suitable for cutting both paper packaging and plastic packaging. They are specially designed for the food packaging industry and are also available for obtaining packaging bags with serrature (packaging bags with serrature are easier to be torn open). Packaging blades give a smooth and clean cutting, as a result, obtained carton packaging and other paper packaging products look clean, neat, and graceful.

NJJF  is a China Top 3 packaging machine blades manufacturer and supplier, providing high-quality V-Tooth, Scalloped Tooth, Serrated Tooth, Zig Zag, and Knife & Anvil sets. With our knowledge of special materials and coatings, we can often design a knife that will improve your production. We're confident that our packaging blades are the best in the marketplace, offering unrivaled quality, durability, and overall value. View our growing list of blade types and industries, we are experts within. 

NJJF refines a variety of cutter products, excellent quality, flatness privileged, and we offer a comprehensive range of precision packaging machine blades, made from high quality hardened and tempered stainless and carbon steels. All packaging knives are made to the most exacting OEM standards. This enables our customers to obtain the best possible results for their cutting requirements, lowering their overall production costs.

Main application:

Sealing machine tools, plastic knives, rotary presses with knives, Candy packaging machine knives, EPE cutting machine knives, plastic paper cutting knives, and all kinds of the packaging machine tool.

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