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The development of china industrial blade industry
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The development of china industrial blade industry

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As one of the industrial blade manufacturers in China, we will discuss the growth of China's industrial blades from the following aspects, this will help us to learn more about our situation and and better improve our company:

The importance of China's industrial blade industry in the world;

The size and growth trends of China’s industrial blade market;

Achievements in the application of Chinese blades in industry;

The future development trend of China's industrial blade industry

The importance of China's industrial blade industry in the world

China has earned a reputation as the world's manufacturing power. The industrial blade industry is the cornerstone of this manufacturing capability. Industrial blades are essential tools in various fields including automotive, packaging and food processing. Therefore, the efficiency and quality of these blades have a direct impact on the products that reach consumers around the world.

China's industrial blade industry not only meets domestic demand but also exports a large portion of its products. These blades enter various industries around the world and contribute to the global supply chain. The reliability and precision of these blades make them an attractive option for businesses worldwide.

Growth trends of China’s industrial blade market

As the CNC rate of machine tools increases, CNC tools gradually replace traditional tools, and small businesses with weak competitiveness face the risk of being eliminated or merged. At the same time, Chinese brand companies are gradually expanding into mid-to-high-end and overall solutions by virtue of their brand recognition, capital support and technological advantages. They have broader development space and are expected to occupy a larger market share.

China's tool market consumption is closely related to the development level and structural adjustment of the manufacturing industry. With the continuous advancement of supply-side structural reform and high-quality development, my country's manufacturing industry is rapidly moving in the direction of automation and intelligence, driving the continued growth of the tool consumer market.

Achievements in the application of Chinese blades in industry

The processing efficiency and processing quality of mechanical parts such as automobiles, locomotives, generator sets of various power stations, aerospace vehicles, etc. directly depend on the cutting performance of the tool. Moreover, the development of many new products and the application of new materials are also inseparable from the innovation of cutting processes and cutting tools.

First, let's take a look at the automotive industry, a large user of cutting tools. At the 2023 China Automobile Industry Healthy Development Forum, Chen Jingyue, executive vice president and secretary-general of the China-Europe Economic and Technical Cooperation Association, proposed that more and more Chinese brand cars have created greater value in overseas markets. Long Quan, Chairman and CEO of Autohome, said that technological innovation and the evolving needs of consumers have brought us new opportunities and challenges. This also includes technological innovations in industrial blades.

In recent years, my country's high-speed train technology has developed rapidly and attracted great attention from countries around the world. The leading advantages and development momentum of my country's high-speed railway provide new development opportunities for the tool industry.

On June 30, the China Manned Space Engineering Office released the "report card" of China's manned spaceflight for half a year in 2023, recording a total of 28 items. It can be said that this heavy report card records in detail the solid pace of China's manned spaceflight in the past six months. The processing of difficult-to-machine materials and composite materials in the aerospace industry is the "commanding heights" of cutting technology and will drive my country's cutting processing. And the level of tool technology has reached new heights.

The future development trend of China's industrial blade industry

1. Industry concentration is expected to further increase

At present, my country's tool industry is still in a state of disorderly competition among mid- and low-end products. As the manufacturing industry upgrades and the requirements for cutting tools increase, a large number of small companies that lack technological accumulation, poor R&D capabilities, and weak capital strength are facing elimination or mergers and acquisitions. In the high-end field, they have Companies with competitive advantages are expected to gain greater room for development and further enhance industry concentration.

2. Domestic high-end tools gradually replace imported tools

Since the price of imported cutting tools is much higher than the export price, in order to achieve the goal of having advantages in both price and quality, the improvement of integrated manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing capabilities of high-end carbide and its tools is the development trend of China's high-end cutting tool companies. As the technology of domestic cutting tools continues to improve, relying on the advantages of cost performance and local service, domestic cutting tools are gradually replacing imported cutting tools and accelerating the localization process of CNC cutting tools.

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