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Guillotine Shear Blades
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Guillotine Shear Blades 

Guillotine shear blades are used in the shearing machine. Metal shear blades can cut paper with smooth and clean cutting edges and can also be used for a long time. As a professional shear blades manufacturer in China, NJJF manufactures a superlative range of guillotine shear blades, which are ergonomically designed and developed following international industrial standards. Our sheet metal shear blades are developed using the best available technologies and acclaimed for excellent sharpness and perfect.

NJJF's Guillotine Shear Blade is made of tool steel, high-speed steel, hard alloy steel, and tungsten carbide, etc. We produces knives and saws for any cutting or trimming applications in pipe and tube making lines as well as upstream and downstream operations. NJJF manufactures a full range of CTL Shear Blades for all standard and nonstandard machine makes such as Gasparini, Godrej, DHIM, IDH, BRONX, GUILD and other machine makes. NJJF manufactures to original machine design, user modified design as well as in special circumstances - our improved performance design. NJJF offers shearing blades up to 4 meters in length in a single piece and 6 meter lengths for multiple pieces duly pitch and edge matched. 


• Alloy tool steel - 9Crsi 

9Crsi is a high-quality low-speed low-alloy cutting tool steel, featured brittle and hard. 9Crsi is a low alloy tool steel with high quenching and hardenability, and high tempering stability. Shearing machine blade made of 9Crsi alloy tool steel has the characteristics of complex shape, small deformation, high wear resistance, low-speed cutting property. These sheet metal shear blades are suitable for the ordinary A3 board, Q235 board shear.
• Blade hardness: HRC55 - 58

• Quenching temperature 820 - 860 °C, tempering temperature 180 - 200 °C

 Alloy tool steel - 6CrW2S1

6CrW2Si is a high-quality alloy tool steel, which is based on the chromium-silicon steel by adding a certain amount of tungsten. Because tungsten helps to preserve relatively fine grains during quenching, it results in higher toughness in tempering conditions.

Shear blades for sale made of 6CrW2Si alloy tool steel subject to impact loads and require high wear resistance. These metal shear blades are suitable for all kinds of ordinary steel and hard texture stainless steel plate shear. 
• Blade hardness: HRC56 - 60

• Quenching temperature 860 - 900 °C, tempering temperature 285 - 229 °C


• High-speed tool steel - W6Mo5Cr4V2

W6M05Cr4V2 is high-quality high-speed tool steel, commonly known as “high-speed steel”, which is high-carbon high-alloy tool steel for high-speed cutting. W6Mo5Cr4V2 can be cut at a higher speed than a low alloy cutting tool steel. Tungsten molybdenum series is the representation of high-speed steel. W6Mo5Cr4V2 high-speed tool steel is mainly used for making cutting blades with high cutting speed, heavy load, and high working temperature. Metal shear blades for sale made of W6Mo5Cr4V2 high-speed tool steel have prominent features of high hardness, wear-resistance and thermal hard. This shearing machine blade is suitable for sheet shearing in various states.
• Blade hardness: HR62 - 68

• Quenching temperature 1210 - 1230°C, tempering temperature 540 - 560°C

NJJF is a professional shear blades manufacturer in China, offering shearing machine blades made from high-quality steels “performance matched” to your unique cutting application. All of our shear blades are crafted from the highest-quality alloys using close tolerance quality control standards. Our shear blades provide optimum performance and extended blade life, meaning that you receive more tons per edge while reducing downtime due to blade changes. Extended blade life combined with less downtime leads to a more productive and profitable production shearing operation. 

From shear blades manufacturer in China, the NJJF's 10+ years servicing the metal fabrication industry with the finest quality blades for your squaring or plate shear. 



   Product Name

        Guillotine Shear Blade


  Tool steel, high-speed steel, hard alloy steel, and tungsten carbide












   Four edged or double edged


   Hardened, ground, ready to use


   Wooden crate with soft film layers inside


   Cut metal plate




  • Cutting capacity up to 32mm thick material.
  • High Wear resistance and shearing strength.
  • Cross, radial and peripheral grinding possible.
  • Close tolerances, high thickness and width parallelism.
  • Easy fitment due to close center distance tolerances.
  • Sharp edge and superior surface finish.



Guillotine shear blades are used for shearing steel.


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