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How to Change and Maintain Guillotine Shear Blades
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How to Change and Maintain Guillotine Shear Blades

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Guillotine shear blades' performance directly affects the use of the shearing machine. As the most important accessories in the metal plate shears, the quality, and usage of steel cutting blade cannot be ignored. Guillotine shear blade is consumable, so it needs regular maintenance, cleaning, grinding, and replacement. The life of the shearing machine can last up to many years. However, the blade of the shear machine can only be polished 1 to 3 times; more than 5 times, it must be replaced. Therefore, the shearing machine blade is the main consumable of the shears. With the continuous increase of production tasks, improper use or adjustment of the blade will directly shorten the service life of machine tools or even make it unable to work normally.

After the new blade is used incorrectly, we can't use it again by polishing and maintaining it. There are also some damaged old blades that don't match the whole set and can't be used. On the one hand, these problems increase the consumption of cutting edge; on the other hand, they also cause a certain degree of waste.

guillotine slitting blade

Maintain your guillotine shear blades

Guillotine paper cutters are high performing machines that can cut paper of many stocks at a relatively high speed. While these cutting machines are powerful and efficient, many of those who operate guillotine cutters do not maintain them enough to keep them at their best. For precise paper cutting, make sure your guillotine metal shear blades are sharp and correctly used. Below are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Keep your trimmer knives sharp

More often than not, operators of guillotine cutters are only replacing blades once they are getting dull. If your machine has been cutting to the point where the blades are dull, it’s usually already past the point at which the knives need replacing. Once a metal shear blade is dull, it requires more clamping pressure for cutting, which can cause damage to the machine. The hydraulic cylinders within the machine can become damaged if dull knives are repeatedly used. Therefore, metal shear replacement blades should be replaced often enough so that they are always sharp.

2. Know when it's time to replace the blades

So how long does a sharp knife last and how often should you be sharpening or replacing the blades? We’ve come up with a general rule of thumb to follow based on the type of blade that is being used. Depending on the type of trimmer knife used, this should give you a better idea of how often your blades need replacing before they go dull.

3. Use the correct knife angle depending on the operation and project needs

Each type of paper stock requires a different type of blade, with thinner stocks requiring less of an angled blade and thicker stocks requiring a more angled blade.

Operation steps of replace blades

Methods and procedures for grinding, adjusting, and replacing blades are very important. When you change blades, you need to master certain operation steps:

First, remove the nut fixed blade.

Then, remove the guillotine shear blades and clean them piece by piece.

All four sides of the metal shear blades can be used. Choose the good side and stick to the machine to install it.

Check the straightness in both directions: horizontal and vertical.

Through grinding and maintenance, the blade of the hydraulic shear machine can maintain its basic performance well. At the same time, workpiece cutting will also be more powerful to ensure a smooth process. Blade grinding operation requires professionals. We have a perfect after-sale service and technical team. To facilitate users, we can provide maximum technical support for our users. You can also invite us to debug and repair metal shears blades. Or, we can guide the user to operate the guillotine shear blades grinding and replacement.


Rapair shearing machine blades

Also, we should know the repair method and requirements of CNC hydraulic shearing machine blades:

1. Start with the plane of the blade, ensure bright and no blunt.

2. Grind the side and pay attention to the parallelism.

3. If it is found that the grinding surface is inclined, we can change the grinding pressure. What’s more, apply proper force on the slightly thicker side.

4. Pay attention to and check the accuracy and calibration of grinding blades.

5. High temperatures will affect guillotine shear blade accuracy. When grinding the blade, the temperature of steel blades should not exceed 50 degrees. When the temperature is too high, please cool down for a period of time before going on.

6. Finally, hydraulic sheet metal shears blades require after sharpening need to be coated with a layer of antirust liquid to avoid rusting.

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