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  • 2020-05-28

    NJJF is a top 10 shear blades manufacturer in China, producing custom and standard size guillotine shear blades for a broad range of uses and materials. Also known as cut-off knives, guillotine knives cut material in a swing-style or guillotine cut-off operation. Our custom guillotine knives feature

  • 2020-05-08

    The following are the major ways of keeping your shearing machine blade sharp, before you use it, you might want to have a look at these metal shear blades sharpening tips:Before you go out and sharpen your guillotine shear blades, the first figure out if it’s sharpening or honing that's really need

  • 2020-04-26

    Guillotine shear blades' performance directly affects the use of the shearing machine. As the most important accessories in the metal plate shears, the quality, and usage of steel cutting blade cannot be ignored. Guillotine shear blade is consumable, so it needs regular maintenance, cleaning, grindi

  • 2020-03-27

    Selecting the ideal blade material for your application ensures that you achieve the maximum blade life, minimize maintenance-induced downtime, and achieve your ideal cuts. Therefore, this article aims to let you know more about metal cutting materials.Semi-High Speed (D2 STEEL)D2 steel is the most

  • 2020-03-20

    Circular saw blades are specifically designed to cut through metal quickly with finished, burr-free results allowing you to minimize work-time while maximizing efficiency. There are several types of sheet metal cutting circular saw blades produced on the market today. Each is designed to handle the

  • 2020-01-20

    Razor slitting, shear slitting, scoring slitting, dished slitting and guillotine slitting are five common processes for converting materials. Each of these processes is used on a variety of materials and can be optimized, through proper blade selection, to achieve production and efficiency goals. We

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