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Paper Cutting Blade
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Paper Cutting Blade

The paper cutting blade refers to cutting blade for the paper industry, printing industry, post press industry, and paper packaging industry which is made of specially developed materials for maximum lifespan and reliability. NJJF is a professional paper cutting blade manufacture, and its paper cutter replacement blades are manufactured in various shapes such as circular, straight, curved, convex, toothed, scalloped and for different cut processes such as slitting, rewinding, sheeting, perforating, guillotine cutting and trimming.

We manufacture a wide range of paper cutting blade made from premium hardened tool steels as well as tungsten carbide with precision quality and standard size. NJJF is proud to carry replacement cutter and trimmer blades for nearly every manufacturer on the market today as well as a number of discontinued machines. Our paper cutter replacement blades are designed to be extremely durable and have a long life.

We manufacture custom made and off-the-shelf size paper cutting knives and blades for most paper converting applications. We are highly specialized in manufacturing custom paper cutter blade per sample and drawing. If you need your blade manufactured to your exact requirements, please contact us now to see how we can get you the quality paper cutting blade exceeding your requirements at a competitive price.

NJJF has an extraordinarily broad and comprehensive range of products for the paper and paperboard industry. Our factories can supply virtually all types of cutters, knives, and knife-related components. Our paper cutting blades and packaging machine blades are manufactured using alloy steel grades like SAE 52100, AISI D2, D3, 01, 07, and AB. Knives from CPM 10V are also supplied on request. Top paper cutter blades up to 500mm in diameter are also manufactured from HSS Steels such as DIN W.Nr 1.3343 (M2), and Powder Metal HSS such as ASP 2023 and ASP 2053.

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