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What are Shredder Knives
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What are Shredder Knives

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Shredder knives are mainly used for single-shaft shredders and double-shaft shredders. The shredder blade is one of the important parts of the shredder machines. The quality of the shredder blades for sale directly affects the machine's waste processing cycle. The shredder blade mainly shreds domestic garbage, fruit and vegetable products, scrap metal, scrapped cars, iron plates, construction site templates, plastic films, etc. The specifications of shredder knives mainly depend on the size of the material that customers want to shred. As a professional shredder blade manufacturer and shredder blades supplier, Nanjing Jingfeng can help customers recommend suitable high-quality shredder knives.


Commonly used materials: 9CRSI T10 CR12MOV SKD-11 inlaid with high-quality tool steel such as front steel.

Common specifications: 34*34*20, 40*40*25, 35*35*23, 45*45*30, 46*46*35, 50*50*25, 60*60*30, 72*72*50


1. We use 9crsi material for shredded plastic products. The hardness of 9crsi material is relatively hard but the impact resistance is relatively poor, so this material cannot shred harder materials.


2. We use H13 or SKD61 material for shredded metal materials. This material has a strong impact resistance and good wear resistance.

shredder blades for sale

According to the classification of shredder structure, shredder blades for sale can be divided into single-shaft shredder blades (square knife), multi-shaft shredder blades (including double-shaft shredder blades and four-shaft shredder blades).


Multi-shaft shredders are mostly scalloped, and the dimensions of the two types of knife molds are very different. The single-shaft shredder blade is suitable for shredding materials with softer materials, such as plastic film, rubber, etc., and the materials after tearing are also relatively small.


The commonly used specifications of double-shaft shredder blades are type 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, and 600. But because each manufacturer has different requirements for thickness, a number of claws, and depth of claws, double-shaft shredder basically is not available in standard models, and customers need to make their own requirements. Depending on the material and quantity, the processing cycle is usually within 15-30 days.


As an important shredder knife for crushing operations, the quality of the shredder blade directly affects the machine's processing-cycle for waste. Shredder blades for sale are widely used in large-volume waste of metal, circuit boards, plastics, waste rubber, and wood. Standard shredder blade products are available from stock, and non-standard shredder knives can be customized according to customer requirements according to drawings and specifications. If you cannot find the shredder blade you need on the website, please call us. As a professional shredder blade manufacturer and shredder blades supplier, we will carefully design and produce the blades you need! We use high-quality steel, after forging, finishing, quenching, packaging, and other processes to provide you with excellent and cost-effective shredder knives. Welcome to purchase!

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