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What is SKD11
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What is SKD11

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1. SKD11 reference corresponding grade

China GB standard brand Cr12MoV, China Taiwan CNS standard brand SKD11, German DlN standard material number 1.2601, German DIN standard brand X165CrM0v12, Japanese Jis standard brand SKD11, South Korea Ks standard brand STD11, Italian UN1 standard brand X165CrM0W12KU, Swedish SS standard brand 2310, Spain UNE standard grade X160CrM0V12, American AISi/SAE standard grade D3, Russian ROCT standard grade x12M.


2. Ingredients of SKD11

C        Si        Mn       Cr       Mo       V          P          S


1.50      0.25     0.45     12.00    1.00     0.35      ≤0.025   ≤0.01


3. Forging process

1) Cryogenic treatment In order to obtain the highest hardness and dimensional stability, the blade is immediately cryogenically cooled from -70°C to -80°C after quenching, kept for 3-4 hours, and then tempered. The hardness of the tool or mold after the cryogenic treatment is higher than that of conventional. The heat treatment hardness is 1-3HRC high. For parts with complex shapes and large changes in size, cryogenic treatment may cause cracking.

2) Nitriding treatment After nitriding the mold or workpiece, a hardened structure with high hardness and certain corrosion resistance is formed on the surface. After nitriding at 525°C, the surface hardness of the workpiece is about 1250HV, and the effect of nitriding time on the nitriding layer is shown in the table below. Nitriding time (hours) 20 30 60 Nitriding layer depth (mm) 0.25 0.30 0.35.

 3) Soft nitriding treatment at 570℃, the surface hardness of the workpiece is about 950HV. Usually, 2 hours of soft nitriding treatment, the depth of the hardened layer can reach 10-20um. Grinding mold blanks or working in a low-temperature tempering state, grinding is prone to grinding cracks. In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks, small grinding feeds should be used for multiple grindings, and good water cooling conditions should be added at the same time.

 4) SKD11 tempering treatment

● Quenching: preheat at 700~750℃, then heat to 1000~1050℃ and cool in still air. For example, if the thickness of steel tools is more than 6 inches, heat to 980~1030℃ and harden in oil is better.

● Tempering: Heat to 150~200℃, stay at this temperature, and then cool in still air.

● Hardness: above HRC61℃.

● Annealing: Heat to 800-850°C, stay at this temperature for 1 to 3 hours, and let it gradually cool in the furnace.

● Forging: 1050~950℃.

4. SKD11 factory hardness soft annealed to about HB210

5. Use  

This steel is easy to turn, and it is suitable to make shredder blades, scissors, shear blades, wood shredding blades, cold or hot work finishing molds, drum edges, screw patterns, wire molds, milling cutters, impact molds, round drums, and Power transformer core punching dies, cutting steel sheet rolling cutters, steel tube forming rollers, special forming rollers, precision gauges, cold pressing tools with various shapes, mandrels, metallurgy, tin molds, plastic molds, screw head molds, etc.


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