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Metal Cutter Blade

Metal Cutter Blade refers to rotary slitter blades and shear blade with highest precision for slitting line and trimming line.

Paper Cutter Blade

Paper Cutter Blade refers to cutting blades for paper industry, printing industry, postpress industry and paper packaging industry with special developed materials for maximum lifespan and reliability.

Wood Cutting Blade

Wood Cutting Blade refers to cutting saw blades and chipper knives for plywood industry, sawmill industry, particle board industry and veneer industry.

Plastic Cutting Blade

Plastic Cutting Blade refers to circular cutting blade and straight blade for different cutting needs with better quality raw materials.

Special Cutting Blades & Knives

Special Cutting Blades & Knives refers to some irregular-shaped blade and recycling blade with customized sizes and shapes for various uses.

More Industrial Blades

Competitive factory direct price! We design, engineer, and produce precision industrial blades, machine knives, custom tools manufactured to exact specifications.

Who Are We ?

Nanjing Jingfeng Knife Manufacturing CO., Ltd. is a professional metallurgical blade and spare parts producer for Metallurgical Ministry of P.R.C. Major products including: stripping blade for slitting shear (precision stripping), cross scissor (sheet shearing blade), rolling blade (flying scissor), with further development. Our company actively develops and researches related products such as rubber bushing, spacing sheet, broken edge scissor, roller, straighten correction roller and support roller, etc.

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23. November 2020
What is Rotary Slitting Blades

Slitting machine blades are mainly used for slitting paper, tape, tape, film, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, alloy foil and other items. These high-grade metal foils require high precision in slitting, no burrs, and no indentation, so slitting is more difficult and the precision requirements for sl

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26. October 2020
What is the Reason for the Pillow Packaging Machine can not Cut off the Film?

Pillow packaging machines are now widely used in various fields, and some problems will inevitably occur during use for too long. Many users who use pillow packaging machines may have encountered such problems. When a pillow packaging machine uses a long time, it can not cut continuously packaging f

no photo
19. October 2020
Tungsten Steel Slitting Circular Blade Material Problem

It is important to choose the material of the tungsten steel slitting circular blade. There are many grades of tungsten steel materials, domestic materials are divided into YG8, YG15, YG20 G6X, and imported materials are divided into K10, K20, K40, etc. Imported tungsten steel slitting circular blad

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