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Plastic Cutting Guillotine Blades
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Plastic Cutting Guillotine Blades

Plastic cutting guillotine blades include hot rolling and cold rolling guillotine blades. For hot rolling applications, plastic cutting guillotine blades are usually made of high-quality steels, like nickel alloy. However, for cold rolling applications, medium quality and high-quality alloy tool steel and heavy-duty powder metallurgy steel are usually adopted for making guillotine replacement blades. As top 5 guillotine blade manufacturers in China, NJJF manufactures and supplies literally thousands of both standard and custom size precision straight blades and flat blades for all kinds of use from slitting, cutting and perforating to rewinding. We can provide plastic cutting guillotine blades with different sizes and specifications to satisfy customers' different cutting needs. Contact us for a new range of plastic cutting guillotine blades in a variety of shapes and sizes and choose the latest one to place your order.

Our experienced engineers select the knife material on the basis of the equipment and the plastic material being cut. Our heat treatment processes and through-hardening techniques have been perfected with over 60 years of manufacturing experience to enhance the strength, durability, and performance of our plastic cutter blade. Our granulator knives reduce the plastic to a fine uniform granule size to minimize screen clogging. Our knife's precision ground edges and mirrored surface finish provide clean sharp cuts on the most abrasive of plastics. Reliability and wear-resistance increase machine uptime and user profits.

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