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Circular Dished Blades
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Circular Dished Blades

Circular dished blades are primarily used in the book printing industry during the bookbinding process and newspaper printing industry for newspaper cutting, etc. Our circular dished slitting knives are highly polished and own high precision cutting edges, high cutting speed, smooth and even slitting, etc. NJJF, a leading circular dished blades manufacturer and supplier, provides high-quality circular dished blades and our circular dish slitting knives are extensively used in the printing industry.

As a result of the decades the company 's continuous efforts, NJJF produces a variety of high-precision circular dished blades and receives special requirements. We can use Japan, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and other brands of imported materials to produce blades so that our circular dished blades keep sharpness and extend life better. Our team of experts has the working knowledge of the industrial demands producers require and can help ensure maintenance downtime is minimized and costs of operating are reduced. Our customers range from contractors to small manufacturing plants to international conglomerates, and across that wide spectrum, we've earned their respect and their loyalty.

Circular dished blades are manufactured in almost all popular sizes with diameters up to 800mm in a single piece using alloy steel grades like SAE 52100, AISI D2, D3, 01, 07, and AS. Knives from CPM 10V are also supplied on request. Circular dished knives up to 400mm in diameter are also manufactured from HSS steels such as DIN W.Nr 1.3343 (M2), and powder metal HSS such as ASP 2023 and ASP 2053. Our multiple knife blocks are manufactured up to 550mm in diameter with single/double cutting edges with dynamic balancing for high-speed slitting. NJJF also supplies INLAID qualities for bottom knives, sheeter knives, guillotine knives, etc. These knives are inlaid with alloy steel, high-speed steel, or tungsten carbide.

Circular dished blades are available in different versions:

Single or double bevel

Normal bevel

Thin bevel

Thin bevel, concave bevel

Standard or polished bevel

The advantages of NJJF's circular dished blades:

1. The use of high-quality imported materials to ensure product durability, excellent anti-aging, anti-oxidation, wear, and anti-fouling ability. Trustworthy!

2. Advanced CNC technology, precision machining, minimal size deviation, no glitches, to ensure the overall requirements of the circular dished blades.

3. Using an advanced grinder, double insurance, remove your worries.

4. Professional hot work, so that higher performance products, not the general manufacturers can compare the market.

5. Strict testing requirements, to ensure delivery to the guests of each circular dished blade is a quality product.

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