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  • 2020-01-20

    Razor slitting, shear slitting, scoring slitting, dished slitting and guillotine slitting are five common processes for converting materials. Each of these processes is used on a variety of materials and can be optimized, through proper blade selection, to achieve production and efficiency goals. We

  • 2020-01-19

    Selecting the ideal slitting blade for your application ensures that you achieve the maximum blade life, minimize maintenance-induced downtime, and achieve your ideal cuts. Therefore, this article aims to tell you how to choose sitting blades.When you want to buy the slitting blades, you have to con

  • 2020-01-10

    The slitting blade is made of high-quality tool steel and high-alloy die steel and is suitable for slitting operating and various types of slitting machine. Slitting knives are the most important part of cutting tools. Because of the requirement for the accuracy of the product, the slitting knives r

  • 2020-09-14

    Paper cutter blades are also called paper cutting blades, paper cross-cutting blades, paper cutting machine knife, paper cross-cutting blades, full-sheet paper cutting blades. The paper cutter blade is one of the important parts of the paper cutter and is widely used in the papermaking and printing

  • 2020-09-08

    (1) The material of the cutter bladeThe single-piece paper cutter blades are made of high-temperature inlaid welding of the blade and the blade. The blade is made of high-speed steel and the blade is made of low-carbon steel. The hardness of the cutting edge of the paper cutting blades determines th

  • 2020-08-26

    When cutting, grooving, and cutting, the round cutting blades can have different requirements on the flatness and smoothness of the blade according to different processing materials. The rotary cutter blades can be made of high-quality tool steel and hard alloys such as T10, Cr12MoV, LD, H13, W18Cr4

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