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Slitting Blades
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Slitting Blades 

Circular Slitter Blades are the most important part of cutting tools. Because of the requirement for the accuracy of the product, the Circular Slitter Blades require high accuracy and must have micron-level accuracy. In the manufacturing process, the accuracy of the slitting machine blades determines the accuracy of the product cut and the quality of the product.

For the flatness, Jingfeng Knife Manufacturer use ultra-precision flat grinding machine, with a special grinding method, and strictly quality controlling, ensure that all finished Circular Slitter Blades with thickness tolerance, parallelism tolerance achieve to 0.005mm (max) or less.

The Circular Slitter Blades are made of high-quality tool steel and high-alloy die steel and is suitable for slitting operating and various types of slitting machine. A good slitting machine requires that the slitting machine blades have the smallest cutting resistance, the highest wear resistance, and the sharp and durable cutting edge. 

As the top 5 professional slitting blade manufacturer, Jingfeng Knife Manufacturer's Circular Slitter Blades are designed for high performance and precision cutting processes in various including film and foil, medical, converting or assembling of electronic components.

The Circular Slitter Blades are made of high-quality cutting tool steel D2, SKD11, SKD61, HSS, and the materials developed by our own factory. After a perfect vacuum heat treatment processing, making slitting machine blades' hardness uniform and making slitting machines have a precision machining system. Rotary knives are available in a wide range of materials and are selected and heat-treated to match the demands of line environmental conditions, strip characteristics, and shear design.

The circular knives can be supplied in precision and extra precision grades depending on their application. Thickness tolerances made up to 0.002 mm, extra precision parallelism, and flatness. Knife face ground finishes up to 0.2 Ra. The rotary slitter blades are suitable for slitting nonferrous metal like aluminum & brass as well as ferrous metal materials like mild steel CRGO, CRNGO, & stainless steels. Our metal slitting blades range from 0.1 mm to 16 mm thick strip. Foil slitting cutter for foil thickness <0.1 mm. We can also supply carbide slitters for CRGO/Foil.

D2 Steel Circular Slitter Blades

D2 steel is the most commonly used material for the top and bottom slitting machine blades. D2 steel Circular Slitter Blades have a long wear life and are easy to sharpen. It is also a versatile material for cutting and slitting applications involving plastics and paper. From wear and low budget perspective, D2 steel’s slitting machine blades are often the most cost-effective option.

 Cemented Carbide Circular Slitter Blades

In environments that require a 24-hour uninterrupted operation, carbide slitting machine blades are ideal for bottom blades. Cemented carbide Circular Slitter Blades maintains sharpness by cutting long coils of abrasive. Mounting inserts are made of D2 steel, while cemented carbide is only mounted at the point of the compression to provide the greatest benefit while minimizing costs.

Circular Slitter Blades
ApplicationMetal working machine
MaterialsD2, SKD11, SKD61,HSS, Tungsten Carbide, etc.
Size CapabilityOD from 40mm-1500mm
HardnessHRC 40-90
ToleranceWithin 0.002mm
Edge TrimmingNumerical control grinding
DesignsRound keyway lock, Square keyway lock, Dirt groove
FinishPrecision finish, Mirror finish, Lapping finish
VarietyFor regular mild steel and high tensile steel or high strength steel slitting applications
FeatureReady to use. Cryogenically treated as required.
Packaging TypeWooden cases

Advantages of Jingfeng's Circular Slitter Blades:

 Better cutting performance in high-temperature applications

 Maximum resistance to corrosion

 Protect against static build-up

 Higher levels of blade durability (up to 8 times compared to standard)

 Clean cutting edges thanks to the low coefficient of friction

Circular Slitter Blades Applications:

The Circular Slitter Blades are widely used in papermaking, paper products processing, adhesive tape products, films, wires and cables, rubber, aluminum foil, chemical fiber, non-manufactured cloth, composite packaging materials, telecommunications appliances, cigarettes, leather, printing, food, and clothing industries. The slitting blades are mainly applied for the sheet metal plate, strip, leather, Aluminum foil, film cutting, and packaging machinery. 

Jingfeng Knife Manufacturer is the top 5 professional slitting blade manufacturer, offering high-performance Circular Slitter Blades and slitting machine blades for high-performance cutting applications. As a preferred partner for leading manufacturers worldwide we develop and manufacture a broad choice of standard and custom made slitting machine blades for the film, foil, paper and converting industry. 

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