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5 Minutes to Understand the Types of Slitting Blades
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5 Minutes to Understand the Types of Slitting Blades

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Razor slitting, shear slitting, scoring slitting, dished slitting and guillotine slitting are five common processes for converting materials. Each of these processes is used on a variety of materials and can be optimized, through proper blade selection, to achieve production and efficiency goals. We will introduce the corresponding Razor slitting blade, shear slitting, scoring slitting blade, dished slitting blade and guillotine slitting blade in order for people to choose the right slitting blade for their work.

Razor slitting blade

Razor slitting blades also referred to as “in-air slitting,” razor slitting blades are mounted to a bar and remain stationary during the slitting process. Razor slitting blade is easy and inexpensive to set up and is often used to convert films, plastics, tapes, ribbons, and vinyl. Using razor slitting, materials can be converted into very narrow slit widths while still producing very little dust, making it one of the cleanest methods of slitting. However, this type of slitting does have some limitations when cutting heavy materials and woven products.

According to the width of the material to be cut, the material is conveyed across 1 to 120 blades on a single bar. So, during blade replacement, it is best if all blades on the bar are changed at the same time. The blades used for razor slitting are inexpensive and require more frequent changes than with other types of slitting blades

razor slitting blades

Shear slitting blade

Shear slitting blade is used in applications that require precision cuts. It is more expensive and difficult to set up than other slitting methods and is commonly used to convert heavy films, foils, paper, layered materials, and composites. Since shear slitting generates the least amount of heat, it is often used in environments that demand long runtimes.

Shear slitting requires two blades, a top blade known as the “male knife” and the bottom blade, known as the “female knife” or “anvil.” The male knife is adjusted at the cant angle so that the two blades to come into contact at the nip point, similar to a pair of hand scissors, which separates the material. To achieve the longest life, female knives should have a larger outer diameter than male knives and be manufactured from a material that has a higher hardness level.

Achieving the longest blade life in shear slitting operations requires appropriately setting the nip point. If the nip point is not set correctly, the blades will wear very quickly. Therefore, adequate and on-going training is required to ensure that all operators fully understand how to set up their operations correctly. 

shear slitting blade

Scoring slitting blade

Scoring slitting blade is used to separate thick, tough, non-woven materials, fabrics, laminates, and paper. During the scoring process, the knife is held in place by a pneumatic holder and activated by air pressure, a knife pressed into the material and runs against a hardened anvil to separate the web of the material. The cutting edge of the knife has a radius tip and is not sharp. The ragged edge created by this slitting process results in rolls that are thicker on the inside and narrower (where the cut material lays flat) on the outside of the roll.  While this type of slitting produces the poorest edge quality and is less precise than other methods, it is easy to set up and requires relatively inexpensive parts.

scoring slitting blade

Dished slitting blade

The dished slitting blade can be made from a wide range of steels and carbide grades upon request. The top circular knives or male knives in both flat and dished styles with both single and compound bevels are available. Nanjing Jingfeng Knife Manufacturing CO., Ltd. is a professional slitting blade manufacturer, providing high-quality and high accurate dished slitting blades. Our ISO9001 certified plant has the capability to manufacture the highest quality and to adhere to the tolerance needed by these knives. Bearing is inserted upon demand at extra charge.

dished slitting blade

Guillotine slitting blade

The guillotine slitting blade is suitable for the metal and nonmetal materials of the electromechanical and metallurgical industry. We can choose suitable slitting blade material according to the conditions of the cutting material, thickness ranging from 0.1 to 25mm. The guillotine slitting blade shape can be a rectangle, circular arc, and V shape. V shape and circular arc can form a larger price scissors difference, greatly reducing the impact rate, strength, and noise.

Nanjing Jingfeng Knife Manufacturing CO., Ltd. is a professional slitting blade manufacturer, providing high-quality and high accurate guillotine slitting blades. Nanjing Jingfeng Knife usually chooses high-quality wear-resistant alloy tool steels, such as 5CrW2si6CrW2Si, 9CrSi, H13, H12, Cr12MoVSLD(7Cr7MO3V2si), etc., as the raw material to manufacture the metal slitting blades, with the working procedure of forging, machining, heat treatment, leveling and grinding. For thin materials such as silicon steel, we usually insert carbide or powder in high-speed steel blades to improve the quality and working life of the blades.

guillotine slitting blade

Nanjing Jingfeng Knife Manufacturing CO., Ltd. is a professional slitting blade manufacturer, providing high-quality and high accurate slitting blades/ round cutter blades. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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