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Circular Rotary Dished Cutting Blade
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Circular Rotary Dished Cutting Blade

● Custom Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade per sample and drawing
● Application:Metal working machine
● Materials: D2, SKD11, SKD61,HSS, Tungsten Carbide, etc.
● Size Capability: OD from 40mm-1500mm
● Hardness: HRC 40-90
● Sharpness: 18N-30N
● Tolerance: Within 0.002mm
● Edge Trimming: Numerical control grinding
● Designs: Round keyway lock, Square keyway lock, Dirt groove
● Finish: Precision finish, Mirror finish, Lapping finish
● Certificate: ISO9001
● OEM&ODM accepted
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The shear slitter knives have a design meant to slit a wide range of materials in various applications. They find use in many industries because of their ability to cut materials such as paper, plastic, and textiles. 

The circular slitting process requires two blades, one on the top and one on the bottom. The top blade is referred to as the “male slitter,” and the bottom is the “female blade” or “anvil.” Like a pair of hand scissors, the two blades come together to a cutting point. This slitting process creates the least amount of heat, which is why it is often used in environments that require high-demand operations and runtimes.

Metal Slitting Blades Advantages 

1. Circular Rotary Dished Cutting Blade is mainly used for slitting the paper, adhesive tape, magnetic tape, film, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy foil, and so on.

2. These high-grade metal foil slitting requires high precision, no burr, no compression phenomenon, Therefore, the slitting is more difficult, then it has high requirements for the tool precision of cross-cutting and slitting. In view of this difficult problem, our company introduced the world's most advanced CNC grinding machine and cutting tool technology experts, after a long period of research and development, our company produce what to replace the imported high precision micrometer rotary slitting blade.

3. Wells use high-tech technology, the blade is made of ceramic composite and tungsten carbide is treated on the blade surface, so the blade is not easy to wear and tear when cutting and does not touch the powder, reduce the friction when slitting. It solves the difficult problem, greatly improves the slitting accuracy and speed, and prolongs the service life of the blade. The development of this tool saves a lot of cost to customers.

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