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How to custom the Best Circular Saw Blade?
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How to custom the Best Circular Saw Blade?

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What is Circular Saw Blade?

Using the right industrial blade is important for production, and there are many factors to consider when you are looking for the right blade for your material and application needs, and the shape of the blade is one of the important factors to consider. The circular blade is a multi-functional and high-efficiency blade suitable for various industries. It is a rotary blade of industrial machines, also known as a circular slitting blade.


Wood Circular Saw Blades

Wood Circular Saw Blades


The circular blade can be customized with various different blade styles. You can choose different blade styles according to your needs. Similarly, you can choose different materials according to the material you want to cut, which totally depends on your needs. Professional circular cutting blade manufacturers will help you customize professional blades according to your needs, choose high-quality long-life wear-resistant steel grades, and provide you with samples and drawings.


Round blades are usually used to handle large volumes of material and are generally safer during use. With the name of a round knife, the blade only needs to be fixed on the machine to move the material, which greatly reduces the chance of an accident. The round blade also provides a fine cutting profile, making it easier to handle and use. But round blades can only cut vertically and may not match other shaped blades in terms of cutting flexibility.


Factors to consider when choosing the right blade

Size of the blade

Usually round blades are 6.5 inches, but this is not absolute, you need to choose the right size blade according to your use needs, if the blade size does not match, there is no way to work properly.


Number of the teeth

The number of teeth on the blade indicates the cutting speed of the blade. The smaller the number of teeth, the faster the cutting speed of the blade, but the cutting will be slightly rough. On the contrary, if the number of teeth is more, the cutting speed will not be as fast, but the fineness will be better.


Thickness of the blade

The thickness of the blade affects the cutting speed of the blade, with a thin kerf blade cutting faster than a thick kerf blade.


Coating of the blade

The coating can effectively reduce the adhesion of the blade, thereby reducing friction, and the blade with an anti-friction coating can resist corrosion. Using a blade with a special coating extends the life of the blade and also results in a faster and cleaner cut.


Application Scenarios of Blades

You need to think about what you are going to cut with the blade, the type of material you are cutting determines the size and material of the blade you will need, each blade is designed for a different type of cut, you may not be able to fit well The type of blade is used for cutting.


Circular Saw Blade for Plastic

Circular Saw Blade for Plastic


It is not safe to cut with the incorrect blade for some tasks, the number and thickness of the blade may not be sufficient to cut different materials and it will cause many problems. It is recommended to use the appropriate blade for each different material. Here are some application areas for circular blades:


  • Wood: Cutting wood requires high-quality, durable blades that can efficiently handle large workloads. Industrial Rotary Round Blades withstand repeated use for clean, precise, smooth cuts while minimizing wood splitting.

  • Plastic: Use plastic-specific round blades for faster and more efficient tasks. With round knives, you can not only cut, score, but also perforate plastic products, which will help you achieve high-quality, efficient results.

  • Paper: When you need a high-volume paper product or other product, the circular knife is your ideal cutting and scoring tool. Use custom circular blade designs to meet your different paper handling needs.

  • Metal: Cutting metal requires precise and fine cutting tools, round blades are ideal for metal working in terms of both serrations and bevels. It makes clean cuts and perforations, and it helps you control fine trims.


Material of the blade

One of the most widely used blade materials is steel, which is an alloy. Manufacturers of steel use a variety of different additives to give their products additional properties, different steel alloys have different hardness and durability, and they are also used in different applications. The blade needs to choose the right material, which can increase the service life and work efficiency of the blade, these are the different circular blade materials:


  • High Carbon Steel: This is one of the widely used blade materials, this is a durable material, carbon increases the hardness of the steel, allowing it to last longer and be used over and over again.

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a material with high corrosion resistance, which is beneficial for its longer use in some food processing and high moisture content working environments.

  • Carbide: Carbide is a super-hard tungsten steel that is very durable. Suitable for engraving, engraving and other craft fields, it can provide fine and precise cutting.


If you want more information about the correct blade material, you can contact our team to help you, our experts will help you design blade material and other configurations according to your needs, so as to help you get the best experience.


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Our company got high appreciation from our customers by high quality, good reputation and reasonable prices at home and abroad. Welcome to contact us and visit our factory.



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