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What type of blade is best for cutting wood?
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What type of blade is best for cutting wood?

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wood cutting saw blade

Most of us are cutting wood.These can work on mitre saws, circular saws, table saws, and others. There are three general setups for wood cutting blades; cross cut, ripping, and combination. The category they fall into is all about the tooth design.

  1. Cross-cut – Designed for cutting lumber across the grain

  2. Rip-cut – Designed for ripping along the grain of the wood

  3. Combination – A mixture of cross cut design and ripping design creates a blade that can do both operations.

Unless you are doing a lot of very specific work, I find that choosing a combination blade is almost always the best choice. Most of us do a combination of tasks with our saws and unless you can dedicate a particular tool to only one operation, stay with the combination blades.

What Blades Should you choose?

So,I recommend that you’re looking for the best mix of blades for your work. That depends on what kind of work you’re doing, largely. I’ll give you what I have on my tools, which works pretty well for the general renovations and old house restoration that I do every day.

  • Circular Saw

    About 7 1/4″ 24-tooth Diablo Blade .Through our customers use survey,we understand that it is long lasting and since circ saw is used for rough cuts like for sheathing, framing, and basic repairs, the rough cut doesn’t bother you and helps you get through the work quickly.

  • Mitre Saw

    When do you need to use the mitre saw blade? About12″ 60-tooth Diablo Combination Blade since I use this mostly for trim and finish work. I could upgrade to a 80-tooth without much change and it might be a consideration, but I still do a decent amount of cutting of siding and occasional framing lumber, so 60-tooth has been the sweet spot for me.

  • Table Saw

    About 10″ 50-tooth Diablo Combination Blade. It works well to get through the material quickly and still keep my finish sanding to a minimum. There should always be some sanding after milling, so why spend the extra money and time for a super high tooth count blade to get an immaculate finish when you are going to sand it away anyway?

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