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How to Choose a Paper Cutter Blades
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How to Choose a Paper Cutter Blades

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Paper cutter blades are also called paper cutting blades, paper cross-cutting blades, paper cutting machine knife, paper cross-cutting blades, full-sheet paper cutting blades. The paper cutter blade is one of the important parts of the paper cutter and is widely used in the papermaking and printing industry. Paper cutter blades are used in papermaking, printing, and other industries. The sharpness and service life of the blades greatly affect the working efficiency of the paper cutter. Paper cutting blades are divided into all-steel paper cutting blades, inlaid steel paper cutting blades, inlaid high-speed steel paper cutting blades, and inlaid alloy paper cutting blades according to the process material. Therefore, choosing the right paper cutter blade is very important.

1. Selection of blade materials for paper cutter

In the material specifications, whether it is a cut-to-length plate or a coiled plate, the same material and thickness of the material have different sales prices for different wear resistance. Therefore, in order to reduce costs, it is necessary to work hard on procurement formulation and try to choose a range that does not increase prices on the premise of ensuring material utilization. For example, for the requirements of the paper cutter blade, try to choose the appropriate specifications and sizes. After cutting from the steel mill is completed, there is no need to perform secondary shearing to reduce the cutting cost. For the paper cutting blade, try to choose the uncoiled coil specifications and process, reduce the workload of secondary shearing, and improve work efficiency.

2. Selection of plate thickness deviation

The thickness of the plate has deviation requirements, usually, within the allowable range of deviation, the plate with the lower deviation should be selected first.

3. Material and material thickness

When selecting materials for product design, avoid using high-grade materials to cause excess product performance. At the same time, on the premise of meeting product and process requirements, try to choose the materials and thicknesses of the existing mass-produced models to form a material platform for the follow-up provide convenience for purchasing and inventory management.


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