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Points for Attention in the Installation of Slitting Industrial Blades
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Points for Attention in the Installation of Slitting Industrial Blades

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Slitting industrial blades have extremely high abrasion resistance, and the service life of cutting various materials is more than ten times that of ordinary high-speed steel blades. Proper use can improve the cutting quality and extend the service life of the blade. Otherwise, the slitting blade will easily break.

1. Matters needing attention in operation

Due to the high hardness and brittleness of the slitting industrial blades, they must be handled lightly and placed horizontally during transportation, storage and installation, and do not collide with any hard objects. Do not use thin tungsten steel knives for slitting with low accuracy and slow speed, because this will shorten the life of the rotary slitter blades.

2. Install the knife

Before installing the circular slitter blades, be sure to check whether the runout of the running end of the cutter head is within 0.1mm, and whether the flatness of the cutter head meets the standard. Pay attention to whether there are foreign objects on the cutter blade and the slitting industrial blade. After the slitting industrial blade and the cutter disc are cleaned, insert the knife into the cutter disc. After confirming that the blade and cutter head are free of foreign objects and that the clearance is correct, tighten the pressure plate bolts diagonally. The force is even and the tightness is moderate. Avoid strong assembly, hitting the blade, and avoid dry friction between the blade and the lower blade seat, otherwise the blade will break. It is recommended to install a paper washer between the slitting machine blades and the pressure plate to cushion the strong fit between the round cutter blades and the pressure plate.

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3. Knife adjustment

loosen and shift the knife holder before adjusting the knife distance. After adjusting the knife distance, adjust the knife to the middle position of the knife separation paper slot. Avoid cutting the industrial blade and knife holder to cause friction. Do not hit the slitting cutter with tools, equipment parts and other hard objects during adjustment.

4. Maintenance

Check the edge of the slitter blades every day, and lightly sharpen it as needed. Check the thin knife surface regularly to remove dirt in time. Stop slitting machine to check whether the slitting blade is defective, and at the same time clean up the paper scraps in the paper tray of the knife holder to avoid pinching the rotary slitter blades.

5. Precaution

When the operator is in contact with the round cutter blades, do not stand in front of the cutting industrial blade. Always keep a safe distance, pay attention to safety at all times, and prevent the slitter blades from breaking and flying to hurt people.

The above requirements and precautions should be strictly observed by the operator to avoid unnecessary losses.

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