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Round Cutter Blades Production Process
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Round Cutter Blades Production Process

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When cutting, grooving, and cutting, the round cutting blades can have different requirements on the flatness and smoothness of the blade according to different processing materials. The rotary cutter blades can be made of high-quality tool steel and hard alloys such as T10, Cr12MoV, LD, H13, W18Cr4V, SKD11.SKH-13 and TCT. Applying composite coating on the surface of these materials can improve the hardness, wear-resistance and wear resistance of the blade, and widen the scope of multi-functional applications, thereby improving production efficiency.

Round cutter blades production process

Material selection - Material selection according to the customer's needs for the cut material.

Forging - We use pneumatic hammers of different tonnages to increase the density of the material.

Annealing - The hardness can drop rapidly to facilitate finishing.

Finishing - We have multiple machine tools such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc. to process the blanks into shapes.

Quenching - The molded product is heated in a vacuum furnace to increase the hardness.

Insulation - In order to increase the abrasion resistance of the product, it is necessary to keep the insulation for a long time.

First grinding - grinding each surface oxide layer of the product.

Fine grinding Mirror grinding - Improve product accuracy, gloss, and parallelism. 

Inspection - Let substandard products refuse to enter the market.

Packaging - Different packaging according to different products.

Finished product to be sent.


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