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Tungsten Steel Slitting Circular Blade Material Problem
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Tungsten Steel Slitting Circular Blade Material Problem

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It is important to choose the material of the tungsten steel slitting circular blade. There are many grades of tungsten steel materials, domestic materials are divided into YG8, YG15, YG20 G6X, and imported materials are divided into K10, K20, K40, etc. Imported tungsten steel slitting circular blade has the advantages of good crack resistance, high sharpness, and long service life.


Wear resistance is related to the chemical composition, strength, microstructure, and temperature of the friction zone of the material. The formula can be used to express the wear resistance of the material WR: WR=KICO.5E-0.8H1.43. Material hardness (GPa)e The higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance. (But also pay attention to the higher the hardness, the higher the strength of the blade. The side effect is that the structure of the blade will become brittle, and careless operation will cause the blade to break. Generally, it will not break if it is not handled carelessly)


Many customers are very distressed when choosing the material of tungsten steel slitting round blades. After the tungsten steel round blade is slit, the product fails to meet the requirements, the section is very rough, not to mention the burrs, and it is very easy to break. There are several reasons for this.

(1) The tungsten steel slitting circular blades purchased by the user may be made of recycled tungsten steel and the sharpness is not enough.

(2) The blade is ground, overheated, and cracked during grinding.

(3) There will also be problems in use. Tungsten steel is a very brittle material, and harder materials cannot be cut.


Although the material of the tungsten steel slitting round blade is a material with high wear resistance, not all materials can be cut. You can consult our technical engineers when you buy, and we will carefully choose a material suitable for you.

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