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What are the Types of Cutting Machine Blades
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What are the Types of Cutting Machine Blades

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1. Slitting knife

The slitting blade is mainly used for slitting paper, film, gold, silver foil, copper foil, aluminum foil, tape, and other items. The slitting of these objects requires the blade to have the least cutting resistance and the greatest wear resistance. Due to the requirements of product accuracy, the blade sometimes needs to reach micron-level accuracy. Material selection: 9CrSi, Cr12Mov, W6Mo5CrV2, W18Cr4V, etc.

2. Dotted Blade

The dotted blade refers to the strip, round blade, folding machine blade, sealing blade, etc. used for punching and dotted cutting of food packaging, medical packaging, and other operations. Material selection: 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W6Mo5CrV2, W18Cr4V, etc.

3. Rotary slitter blades

Slitting machine blades are suitable for the following industries: large steel manufacturing plants, steel pipe plants, non-ferrous metal processing plants, strapping materials plants, cold rolling plants, packaging materials plants, steel plate processing service centers, steel screen plants, strip steel plants, slitting machine production factory.

Nanjing Jingfeng knives factory is the top 10 slitting blades manufacturer in China. We can meet the requirements of high precision, and the thickness tolerance can reach ±0.0005mm. For a certain inner circle, the tolerance can reach H3. All inspections of high-precision products are carried out in a constant temperature room.

With the continuous improvement of metal sheet processing accuracy requirements, we have developed ultra-high precision cutting tools. Its accuracy is so far only precision milling tools can match it. ±0.001mm thickness tolerance and Rao.1u surface roughness are our regular standards. Using our technical know-how and professional knowledge, we can also meet customers' higher tolerance requirements for thickness, parallelism, flatness, outer circle, and inner circle.

Circular Slitter Blades

4. Leather blade

Leather blades are mainly used for slitting and cutting all kinds of leather, with neat cuts and no burrs, which is convenient for processing various leather products. Material selection: 9CrSi, Cr12Mov, W6Mo5CrV2, W18Cr4V, etc.

5. Paper cutting blade

The paper cutter blades are mainly used for slitting and cutting of various papermaking. The cut is neat and without burrs, which is convenient for the processing of various paper products. Material selection: 9CrSi, Cr12Mov, W6Mo5CrV2, W18Cr4V, etc.

6. Rubber machinery blade

Rubber machinery blades are generally special-shaped blades, mainly various tooth-shaped flat circular knives, pelletizer knives, shredder blades, and strip knives. Material selection: 9CrSi, Cr12Mov, W6Mo5CrV2, W18Cr4V, etc.

7. Metallurgical blade

  • Cold rolled cutting tool:

In cold-rolling, we use many medium and high alloy tool sheets of steel and heavy-duty powder metallurgy steels which are the basic materials for cross-cutting knives. The cross-cutting tools made of these materials can cut various cold-rolled thin plates, medium and thick plates, wide and thick plates, as well as the crush of various steel plates, hydraulic shears, forming shears, and flying shears of various steel scraps.

  • Hot-rolling shear cutter:

In the aspect of hot rolling, we use many high-quality steel materials as the material of the cross cutter. For example, the cross-cutting tool made of alloy steel can cut hot-rolled steel pipe, thick steel plate, steel ingot tail, steel bar, round steel, etc.

8. Pipe cutting blade

A pipe cutting blade is a tool mainly used in the pipe production line. It moves synchronously at the speed of the manufactured tubes (paper tube, copper tube, aluminum tube, steel tube, etc.). While rotating along the outer circumference of the tube, it slowly cuts into the center to cut the tube. Material selection: 9CrSi, Cr12Mov, W6Mo5CrV2, W18Cr4V, cemented carbide, etc.

9. Carton blade

There are various types of carton blades, trimming paper cutters, triple and quadruple slotting knives, and thin blades suitable for assembly line production. It produces smoothness and no flattening during cutting, which improves the overall quality and appearance of the cardboard. In particular, it can radically improve the quality of thick printing. Material selection: T8A, T10A, GCR15, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W6Mo5CrV2, W18Cr4V, etc.

10. Special cutting blades

As a professional industrial blades manufacturer, Nanjing Jingfeng is closely related to our lives in unexpected places. For example: stamping knives for label paper, cutting knives for printing paper, pattern knives for tires, firewood, knives for chopsticks, cutting knives for pencils, cutting knives for various chocolates, toffee, and knives for food cans, and all kinds of knives used in the process from tobacco leaves to cigarettes. Material selection: 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W6MO5Cr4V2, W18Cr4V, 3Cr12, 4Cr14, etc.

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