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What is Rotary Slitting Blades
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What is Rotary Slitting Blades

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Slitting machine blades are mainly used for slitting paper, tape, tape, film, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, alloy foil and other items. These high-grade metal foils require high precision in slitting, no burrs, and no indentation, so slitting is more difficult and the precision requirements for slitting and cross-cutting tools are higher. The cutting resistance is minimal, the wear resistance is largest, and the cutting edge is sharp and durable. NJJF has introduced the most advanced CNC grinder in the world and hired cutting tool technology experts to replace imported high-precision micron-level slitting blades after long-term research and development. Well applied high-tech technology, the blade is treated with ceramic composite and tungsten carbide coating on the surface of the blade, so that the blade is not easy to wear and does not stick to powder when slitting, reducing the friction during slitting and solving this problem. It greatly improves the cutting precision and speed, and extends the service life of the cutter. The development of circular slitter knives has successfully saved users a lot of cost and foreign currency.

Development of slitter blade

The slitting machine blades is a tool used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing, also known as a cutting circular blade. Between 1949 and 1950, the United States began to use indexable inserts for turning tools, and soon they were applied to milling cutters and other tools. In 1972, Bangsar and Lagolan in the United States developed a physical vapor deposition method to coat a hard layer of titanium carbide or titanium nitride on the surface of carbide or high-speed steel slitter blades. In 1868, the British Musche made alloy tool steel containing tungsten. Tools for processing various external surfaces, including turning tools, planers, milling cutters, external surface broaches and files, etc.; hole processing tools, including drills, reamers, boring cutters, reamers and internal surface broaches, etc.; thread processing Tools, including taps, dies, automatic opening and closing thread cutters, thread turning tools and thread milling cutters, etc.; gear processing tools, including hobs, gear shapers, gear shaving cutters, bevel gear processing tools, etc.; blocking tools, including inserts Tooth circular saw blades, band saws, bow saws, blocking turning tools and saw blade milling cutters, etc. 

Specifications of cutting slitting blades

There are many specifications, please cheack our category. The specific standard blades can be shipped directly if they are in stock. Non-standard parts need to be customized according to drawings or samples.


Slitting Blades

Scope of application

1. Slitting of paper, film, gold, silver foil, copper foil, aluminum foil, tape and other items;

2. Strips used for punching and dashed cutting, food packaging, medical packaging and other operations;

3. Slitting and cutting of leather;

4. Slitting and cutting of various papermaking;

5. Tools used in the pipe production line (including paper pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes, steel pipes, etc.);

6. Slitting of cartons, rubber and other products;


Slitting round blades are mainly used for slitting release film, optical film, paper, film, PC, PS and other materials and various paper rolls, non-woven fabrics, film rolls, paper, film, gold, silver foil, copper foil, aluminum foil, tape, and other items. These products require the blade to have the least cutting resistance and the most wear resistance. Due to the requirement of product accuracy, the cutting edge must reach micron-level accuracy. The metal slitting blades of Nanjing Jingfeng use high-quality 9CrSi, Cr12MoV (SKD-11), W6Mo5Cr4V2 (high-speed steel) steel as raw materials, and use advanced processing equipment and advanced heat treatment equipment. Our products are used in metal slitting, slitting protective film, tape slitting, film slitting, medical material slitting, paper slitting, chemical fiber slitting, textile cloth slitting, non-woven fabric slitting, and strip cloth slitting Cutting, electronic material slitting, aluminum foil slitting, paper knife, etc. In addition, our carbide slitting knife blades are also suitable for slitting various large coils, such as paper, cellophane, aluminum foil, aluminum foil, self-adhesive, non-woven fabric, film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP) and other coils cutting, etc. The special specifications used for slitting of various materials can be customized with drawings or letters.


Precautions for use

The operation steps of the slitting machine seem simple, but the actual operation is not so easy. The most commonly used slitting machine is the double-edged round blade, which can ensure that the blade is more sharp and durable. Pay attention to the details and operation methods when using the slitting machine. Improper operation will easily cause the double-edged round blade to be chipped, which will delay the machine tool for cutting materials. When installing the slitting machine, the three-wire four-wire system must be used, and it must be grounded to avoid leakage of the machine tool. When testing the machine, the speed must be reduced to a minimum to prevent the slitting circular blade from flying out and hurting people because it is not tightened. When installing the knife, be sure to check the blade for cracks, if it has break, then cannot be installed. The round slitting blades must be fastened tightly and take protective measures. When using it, you must pay attention to frequent filling of multiple oil filling points including the round blade bearings to keep the various parts of the slitting machine lubricated. If the circular slitter knife is blunt, use a sharpener to sharpen the blade. When it can not be used, the slitter blade should be replaced in time to achieve the best material cutting effect.

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