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FAQ of Shredder Knives
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FAQ of Shredder Knives

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With the development of industrialization, the blades of single-shaft shredders produce more and more waste. The role of shredder blades in the environmental protection industry has become increasingly prominent. From industrial development to social development, the more waste there is, the more room for the development of machines and tools, which can make waste valuable. Among them, the blade of the popular double-shaft shredder is a weapon for garbage disposal.


What are the material requirements for the shredder blade?


The plastic shredder blade is made of 65Mn spring steel. The blades of the powerful crusher are SK5, T10, 9crsi, 6CrW2Si, etc. The all-steel hob uses Cr12MOv, W6Mo5Cr4v2, etc.


High-manganese steel is a difficult-to-process material, which requires higher material for the shredder blade. Generally speaking, the shredder blade material is required to have high red hardness, good wear resistance, and high strength, toughness and thermal conductivity. For cutting high manganese steel, cemented carbide and cermet can be used as the shredder blade material, or CN25 coated blades or CBN (cubic boron nitride) shredder blades can be used. When using CBN shredder blades, it should be noted that the manganese content of the material to be cut cannot be higher than 14%. Otherwise, CBN may have a chemical reaction with the Mn element to cause serious wear of the shredder knives and reduce the cutting performance.


The difference between shredder blades


The plastic shredder blade adopts a flat knife design, which is divided into a crushing movable knife and a fixed knife. Generally, a pair of plastic pulverizer knives are 5 pieces, which are composed of 3 pulverizing movable knives and 2 fixed knives. The powerful crusher knife consists of a fixed knife, a claw knife and a spiral hob. Claw knife and spiral hob rotate at high speed to crush plastic products. The granulator knife is composed of a fixed knife and a granulation hob. Generally, a granulation hob is matched with a fixed knife. The granulation hob is a kind of hob cutter with a cylindrical oblique spiral blade. It is divided into two types: all-steel hob and plated steel hob. The manufacturing process is complicated. The fixed knife adopts a flat knife design, and the processing and manufacturing are relatively simple.


In terms of the material of the knife, 65Mn spring steel is used for plastic shredder blades. SK5, T10, 9crsi, 6CrW2Si, etc. are used for powerful shredder blades. And Cr12MOv, W6Mo5Cr4v2, etc. are used for all steel hobs. The crushing movable knife rotates at a high speed and the fixed knife produces shear to achieve the purpose of crushing plastic materials. The crushing movable knife can be adjusted to control the size of the crushed particles. The powerful crusher knife has the characteristics of high production efficiency and uniform particles. The manufacturing process of the combined structure of the powerful crusher knife is more complicated than that of the flat knife. The pelletizer knife continuously rolls and cuts the linear plastic extruded by the plastic extruder through the hob to achieve the purpose of pelletizing. The plastic particles produced by the granulator knife are uniform.



What should I pay attention to when using a shredder knife?


The hydraulic coupling, head, tail, motor, reducer, and other parts of the crusher must be complete, intact and fastened. There should be no oil leakage or oil leakage in the shaft joints of the reducer and hydraulic unit, and the oil quantity should be appropriate. Make sure that it will not cause unnecessary impact on the shredder blade. The coal, gangue, debris and coal dust of the motor and reducer near the machine head must be cleaned up to reduce debris. The scraper chain plate must be moderately tight, and the scraper and screws must be fully tightened. Do not turn on the spray sprinkler without a signal to avoid collision of the cutter.


When starting, there should be no abnormal sound in the operation of all parts of the drying equipment. Scrapers, chains, and connecting rings should be free from twisting, twisting, or bending. The traveling trolley of the transfer machine must be stable and reliable, and the tool must be stable. The safety protection net and protection device of the plastic shredder blade should be guaranteed to be safe and reliable without deformation and failure.



What should I pay attention to when the shredder knife is working?


1. After installing the plastic shredder blade, check the fastening of each part of the fasteners. If there is any looseness, it must be tightened.

2. At the same time, check whether the belt tightness is appropriate.

3. Before starting the pulverizer blade, turn the rotor by hand. Check whether the operation of the crusher blade is flexible and reliable, whether there is any collision, whether the rotation direction of the plastic crusher knife is consistent with the direction of the arrow, and whether the crusher is well lubricated.

4. Don't change the pulley easily, in case the speed is too high to cause the shredder blade to crack. Or the speed is too low to affect the working efficiency of the shredder blade.

5. After the blade is started, it must be kept idling for 2~3min first, and then feeding work after there is no abnormal phenomenon.

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