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Shredder Blades
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Shredder Blades & knives

Shredder blades and shredder knives are one of the most important parts of the shredder machine. The shredder blades for sale are widely used in crushing metal, circuit board, plastics, waste rubber, wood, and other large-volume waste. The commonly used materials are SKD-11, DC53, D2, cr12mov. The shredder blade directly affects the service life and production efficiency of the shredder. As a result of our continuous for the decades, NJJF has all kinds of recycling blades that include high-precision replacement shredder blades, pelletizer knives, and granulator blades. 

NJJJF offers a wide range of shredding tooling and knives for plastics, aluminum, rubber shredding/recycling knives as well as Wear Parts. NJJF begins with the selection of the finest high-quality steel grades that are selected with great accuracy. These steel grades range from tough medium alloy tool steels to long life high carbon high chrome steels and special high wear-resistant steel grades. Our steel grades for these shredding knives ranges from carbon steels to alloy steels and also to high alloy tool steels depending on the application.

Our experienced engineers select the knife material on the basis of your machines/equipment and the material being cut. Our heat treatment processes and through-hardening techniques have been perfected with over 60 years of manufacturing experience to enhance the strength, durability, and performance of our knives. Thereafter these knives are ground using superior grinding machines and techniques to give a proper surface finish, clean sharp cutting edge for durability, performance, and superior shred quality. We also manufacture shafts for single shaft/double shaft designs for the shredding machines as well as the metal spacers that may be required by our customers.

We are the top shredder blade manufacturer who is well known for supplying only the wide variety of the product and brings you the best shredder blades for sale in very high quality of steel. NJJF holds large stock based on the shredder knives with the production. Based on the requirement of the customers, we produce only the variety of high-precision shredder blades for sale.

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