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How to Choose the Material of the Shredder Knives
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How to Choose the Material of the Shredder Knives

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Now, with the pace of environmental protection, more and more waste materials are used for processing and recycling. Faced with these different solid wastes, especially some high-strength steels such as steel bars, and sticky wastes, the quality requirements for shredder blades are getting higher and higher. However, there is a lot of controversy in the market about the quality and service life of the shredder blade. Many customers have the phenomenon that the blade is not broken, blunt, and not durable. Most of these phenomena are caused by the supplier's selection of blade material or unprofessional processing technology. The selection of shredder blade material accounts for a large part of the factor. At present, most shredder knives are mainly made of alloy materials such as Cr12Mov, D2, H13, 55SiCr, etc. However, for customers to shred different solid wastes, it is very important to select the correct material. The buyers can not blindly pursue factors such as low price or high material hardness to determine a material.


The single-shaft shredder blade mainly crushes soft materials such as plastic. We must choose materials with high quenching hardness, wear-resistance, and impact resistance. Now, most people choose Cr12MoV, D2, DC53, and general hardness can reach about HRC60°. Some customers have higher requirements, and even use more expensive LD (7Cr7Mo2V2Si), W6Mo5Cr4V2, and other materials. Their hardness is above HRC62°, and they contain high alloy elements such as W and Ni, which are more wear-resistant and impact-resistant. This makes the shredder blades for sale have a longer service life, reduces the frequency of knife changes, and is more cost-effective.


The blades of the double-shaft shredder and the four-shaft shredder mainly use materials such as 55SiCr and H13. But this is only for some common objects and general service life, similar to plastic bottles, wood, household garbage, cans, ordinary metals, etc. For some customers who require high shredding strength and long service life, we need to select suitable materials for shredding different objects. When shredding some soft metal materials such as aluminum and copper, or some plastic and rubber materials, the biaxial shredder requires a long service life of the blade. Therefore, materials similar to D2 and LD must be selected. Because aluminum, plastic, rubber, and other materials are viscous, they will inevitably heat up and stick to the blade after being shredded and squeezed by a biaxial shredder for a period of time. Therefore, in order to have a long service life and uniform shredded particles, these materials with strong hardenability and high wear resistance must be selected. For shredder knives, shred some high-strength steel metal materials (similar to car plates, beam steel, etc) with a yield strength above 550Mpa, or even above 1000Mpa, materials with impact resistance and toughness such as H13Ni and HMB must be selected. Only in this way can the blade not be chipped or blunt.


A reasonable selection of shredder blade materials will definitely bring win-win benefits to customers and suppliers. It can not only ensure the service life of blades and machines, reduce the frequency of tool change, increase the customer's production volume, and maximize customer benefits, but also ensure that the supplier can obtain more customer resources. NJJF is China's famous shredder blade manufacturer and suppliers, offering high-quality and low price shredder knives and shredder blades for sale.

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