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How to Maintain the Shredder Knives
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How to Maintain the Shredder Knives

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Shredder blades are mainly used in the waste recycling industry to shred oil drums, household garbage, plastics, films, scrapped cars, etc. The shredder knives are used as the main point of the overall maintenance of the equipment. NJJF is a professional shredder blade manufacturer in China, offering paper shredder blades, plastic shredder blades, and shredder blades for sale. The basic maintenance problem of the blade makes the following maintenance plan for customers to implement on-site. The detailed implementation steps for maintenance are as follows:

1. The alloy head of the shredder has a sharp and sensitive cutting edge, so it is necessary to take care to protect the alloy head from damage during the movement, installation, and disassembly of the blade.

2. Regularly check the radial runout (±0.02mm) of the machine spindle and the swing (±0.01mm) to ensure that the shredder knives are in line with each other.

3. It is necessary to remove debris on the main shaft and flange before the shredder blade device. The outer surface of the flange should be flat and clean, and the shaft should intersect straightly.

4. The use of perhaps the largest flange can make the operation of the saw blade more stable. The size of the flange should be the same. The size of the flange should be 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade (1/2D flange should be used for thin saw blades) better sawing effect (especially thin blades).

5. The shredder knives should be idling for 30 seconds after the device is stable, and then start the cutting operation after confirming that everything is normal.

6. When the shredder blade is installed, the flange nut must be moderately tight. The too-loose saw blade will slip during rotating cutting, and the too-tight saw blade will cause internal damage or deformation to affect the cutting effect.

7. Before cutting the shredder knives, the operator must bring protective equipment (protective glasses, dust mask, safety helmet, protective gloves) and check whether the sawing machine's protective cover is intact.


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