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Pelletizer Knives
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Pelletizer knives

Pelletizer knives are installed in the pelletizer machine to prill plastic particles. They are made of high precision tool steel D2, M2, ASP, High-Speed Steel, etc.  Pelletizer blades are consist of a stationary knife and a prilling hob. NJJF pelletizer knives are manufactured to meet the exact specs and tolerances of OEMs. 

NJJF manufactures and supplies literally tens of thousands of pelletizer knives and pelletizer blades.  Whether you need your pelletizer blades in standard sizes or custom dimensions, NJJF can turn your design into a blade in just days. Regardless of what brand your pelletizer knives, our pelletizer blades are exceptionally made from quality ground hardened tool steels and stainless steel as well as tungsten carbide and carbide-tipped upon our customers' request.

NJJF high quality pelletizer blades help our customers increase output by extending production runs between blade changes. We supply a huge range of knives to the plastics industry for strand pelletizers, underwater pelletizers and all types of size reduction technology. Every blade is manufactured from high quality traceable steel and our precision manufacturing methods guarantee a sharp, uniform cutting edge and good wear resistance even when faced with abrasive feedstocks.

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